About the film

fiction film, SK/CZ, planned release: 2021

The Nightsiren is a drama set in the wild Slovak mountains. Charlotte is coming back to an abandoned cabin from which she ran away as a child. The local villagers believe that her return has awakened a malicious old witch. Only the town weirdo Mira is not afraid to help Charlotte unravel her past and confront her own demons.

The film by Tereza Nvotová based on the script by Barbora Námerová.

The project is realized in the co-production of Moloko Film (CZ). The realization was financially supported by Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Czech Film Fund and Literary Fund. 


Director: Tereza Nvotová
Script: Barbora Námerová
Story: Barbora Námerová, Tereza Nvotová
Script Editor: Lubor Dohnal
Producers: BFILM (SK) - Peter Badač, Moloko film (CZ) - Miloš Lochman


Tereza Nvotová

Tereza (1988) grew up in Bratislava, now living in Prague. Studied at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University and Documentary Film Direction Department at FAMU in Prague. Now she finishes her master studies at Fiction Direction Department at FAMU.

She directed several documentaries for Czech TV and Slovak TV, her debut being feature documentary film Take It Jeasy! in 2009. She also wrote and hosted music TV show Knock Out about alternative club scene for Óčko, Czech music TV. She is also an actress, appeared in several feature films.


Filthy (feature film, 2017) 
The Best Fiction Feature Film - 14th Neisse Film Festival, Germany
Blue Angel for Best Female Performance - 25th Art Film Fest, Košice, Slovakia
Audience Award JOJ Cinema for Best European Film  - 25th Art Film Fest, Košice, Slovakia
Golden Lynx for Best Fiction Feature Film - FEST - New Directors New Films 2017, Espinho, Portugal
AFCA Award for the Best Feature Film - Czech and Slovak Film Festival 2017, Australia
Meeting Point Best Feature Award - 62nd Semana International de Cine, Valladolid, Spain
Best Fiction Film - Famufest 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
Best Camera - Famufest 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
Best Script - Famufest 2017, Prague, Czech Republic
Mečiar (feature documentary film, 2017)
Discoland (short film, 2013)
Gypsy Superstar (short documentary, 2011)
In the garage (short documentary, 2010)
Players (mid-length fiction film, 2010)
Take it Jeasy (feature documentary, 2009)
Artificial Insight (short film, 2009)


Producer BFILM: Peter Badač - peter(at)bfilm.sk  
Producer moloko film: Miloš Lochman - milos(at)molokofilm.com