Singer Celeste Buckingham has unveiled a new song “All This Time”, the title song for the first feature-length 3D animated film called Journey to Yourland, new film for children.  

This is the first full-length 3D animated film for a children’s audience. The film is created in 3D technology and with a budget of 3,8 million euros. Such a film has never been made in Slovakia before. Producer Peter Badač also hopes that all the effort put into this film will be appreciated by the audience. “This is an original Slovak project, which is undoubtedly equal in quality to films from abroad or American productions. If we want to prove that we also have skilful artists and authors in Slovakia, it is by going to the cinema that we can support their work and help to make it more visible abroad, where it can be successful on the basis of its success at home.”

So what is the new film by director Peter Budinsky, which involved more than 15 artists from different European countries, all about? About the land of fantasy. About ten-year-old Riki, who is relentlessly lured out of the boredom and greyness of the housing estate by a mysterious signal. To stay – or to go after it? For Riki, the choice is clear – and so begins his pilgrimage to a land where ravens behave like humans, where the Metal Man wants to take over the world, where a crane is a robot and where shining stones have no problem asking a little boy for protection… Saving the world, and himself – that’s the goal that the brave Riki approaches on his journey. Clearly, one must also prepare for such a journey – without an inflatable boat, a parachute and, above all, a “reliably” it won’t work…

You can find the music video for the song here.